Tugo Student

Entry insurance for foreign students

  1. Applicant must be less than 69 years old at the time of application
  2. Applicants must be students enrolled in a school in Canada, or
  3. Accompanying family members of Canadian students, and
  4. Must not have a Canadian Health Card
  5. No doctors recommend not traveling and being diagnosed with advanced disease

Outbound International Student Insurance

  1. Applicant must be less than 40 years old when applying
  2. Applicants must be students enrolled in schools outside Canada, or
  3. Studying abroad with accompanying family members, and
  4. You must have a Canadian Health Card at the time of insurance and when you are insured, and
  5. No doctors suggest that you can’t travel and are diagnosed with advanced disease

Summary of program characteristics

  1. Can be surrendered within 10 days after purchase
  2. During the insurance period, early return, no claims, refund according to the unused insured date
  3. Also covered during school holidays
  4. Automatically cancel the insured status after 60 days of graduation or leaving school
  5. Aviation accident protection 10,000
  6. 24 hours accident protection 10,000

Please refer to the following table for other planning points:



  1. Emergency contact numbers for Canada and the United States: 1-800-863-0399
  2. Mexico emergency contact number: 001-800-514-9976 or 001-880-6810-8070
  3. Emergency contact numbers other than North America: 800-663-00399 or 604-278-4108
If necessary, please click to download the following insurance terms and instructions: