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Super Visa Insurance Introduction

Super Visa Insurance is a must-have for travel and family medical care required by the government. Must meet 100,000 insured and one-year medical insurance, be sure to provide when applying for a super visa. Immigration officers will also check if you are purchasing a super visa for travel medical insurance when you enter with a super visa. The protection of super-visa insurance is the same as that of ordinary travel medical insurance. It is the cost of going to the hospital to protect the sick or injured person. Whether it is an ordinary cold or a serious old disease or accidental injury, all the expenses to go to the hospital. All are within the scope of protection. All Super Visa Insurance product coverage is almost the same, but the price of each insurance company will be different, and there will be differences in claims.
Super-Visa insurance products will be available to every insurance company. There is a big difference in the choice. Although the insurance protection and functions are roughly the same, each insurance company focuses on different directions, which leads to the price and service quality of the products. There is a difference. If we only buy a super-visa insurance for a simple visa, we can choose the company with the lowest price and choose the highest cost.
Refund for Super Visa Insurance: If you fail after applying for a Super Visa, the insurance can be fully refunded and you only need to provide a letter of refusal. If the visa application is successful, the applicant wants to leave the country early after returning to Canada, and can provide a boarding pass for a refund. The refund is refunded according to the number of unused days. Each company handles the refund differently. Most insurance companies process refunds in the above manner.
Insurance cannot be regarded as a tool for applying for a visa. When you come to Canada, everyone needs a medical insurance policy to protect themselves and protect their families.

Family travel insurance

Visiting relatives in Canada, for those parents who will stay in Canada for a long time, the purchase of medical insurance for family visits is indispensable. As we all know, the medical expenses for medical treatment in Canada are huge. For those who do not purchase any insurance, the emergency department will spend thousands or tens of thousands of Canadian dollars. Visitors with visiting visas are not able to enjoy the Canadian government’s medical plan, so how to choose the most suitable family insurance is a topic we should pay attention to. Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to when purchasing insurance products. Combine these aspects and combine with your own situation to find the insurance plan that suits you best.
Financial ability
According to their own economic ability to choose the appropriate bottom fee, the bottom fee ranges from zero to hundreds of thousands, usually the higher the bottom fee, the cheaper the premium.
Family plan
If more than three family members come to visit relatives at the same time, the purchase of a family plan is more cost-effective than the purchase of a personal plan. Each company has different products and different preferential prices.
In the case of the same amount of insurance, the higher the age, the higher the premium. Different age groups have different prices. It is necessary to pay attention to the ages of 61, 65, 70, and 75 years old. The purchase of insurance is almost always based on the age of the insured on the purchase date, for the time to come to Canada; close to these ages, apply for travel insurance before the arrival of the birthday, you can get a bigger discount.
application time
The timing of the application is a place to pay attention to. Be sure to apply for travel insurance in advance of your departure, effective on the day of departure. The flight process is also covered by the insurance, the plane can be seen, there is no waiting period, so it can also maximize the benefits of insurance. The season in which parents landed is also a factor to consider. For example, winter, autumn and winter are often high seasons of accidents such as typhoid slip, and the appropriate physical insurance is carried out by estimating the physical condition of the elderly.
Covered coverage and restrictions
Different insurance products have different restrictions. Before insuring, it is confirmed which diseases are covered, whether there are restrictions on the number of visits, whether there are self-pay requirements, whether there are geographical restrictions, pregnancy delivery, dental disease is restricted, special purpose Whether the land is insured, extended insurance clauses, etc.
Stable chronic disease
At the time of purchase, it is necessary to consider the choice of a stable chronic disease that is already insured. Different insurance companies have different terms for stabilizing chronic diseases. Due to the high probability of recurrence of chronic diseases, the probability of claim for chronic diseases is extremely high. Therefore, for older policyholders with chronic diseases, considering purchasing products that guarantee stable chronic diseases will give the insured better protection.

International Student Health Insurance Introduction
Canadian students are located in various provinces. Each province has different policies. Some provinces can apply for government protection. Some provinces need to purchase insurance insurance for international students. For example, Ontario students cannot apply for government medical insurance, while BC You can apply for government guarantees, but you have to pay the government every month. However, in some aspects of protection, some insurance companies can be more secure than government guarantees. More than the insurance company’s international student medical insurance is sick or injured, you need to see a doctor, all the expenses incurred by the insurance company can be reimbursed, and there are additional accidental death and disability, prescription drugs, pregnancy, dentistry, and other related aspects of protection.

Family plan introduction for insurance for international students (applicable only to spouses, children, parents)
If the international students are married and have children, or their parents are accompanying them, medical insurance is a problem that must be considered in foreign countries. Medical insurance for international students is the cheapest medical insurance, far more favorable than other people’s medical insurance. Therefore, we can let spouses, children, and parents join the medical plan for international students, and also enjoy the benefits of medical insurance for international students.
Use of international student insurance and follow-up claims
When the international students need medical treatment, you can look at whether the insurance policy attachment has a cooperative hospital of the insurance company. If it is, it is very simple, you only need to provide the insurance policy number.

If you are not a cooperative hospital of an insurance company, and you only have a common cold fever or a low amount of money, then we need to keep all the receipts. 2. Ask the doctor to ask for the medical record of the day. (Medical records), 3. Simply fill out the claim form and mail it to your insurance company. Generally, you can receive the claim within 4 weeks.

If there is no money to pay for medical expenses in the case of hospitalization, then tell the doctor directly, I am a student, I don’t have enough money, but I have insurance, let the hospital mail the bill to the home address, or call directly. An insurance company (insurance broker) allows insurance companies to process payments with the hospital, so you don’t have to pay.

Traveling to Canada
Allianz – Emergency Hospital
*The product is suitable for Canadians to travel abroad.
Product qualifications and features:
1. A person with a Canadian government health card during the trip
2. The default amount is $10 million (cannot be increased or decreased)
3. Your current physical condition is good and there are no upcoming illnesses before purchasing this insurance.
4. A minimum of $20 CAD per single premium

Insurance project summary:
– Hospitalization and medical expenses: If you are hospitalized, you will be charged for the necessary expenses during your stay, including hospital standard accommodation, service and supply, up to a maximum of $10 million.
– outpatient and emergency treatment, emergency dental treatment;
– Various adjuvant treatments: for example, doctors recommend osteopaths, chiropods, acupuncturists, or physiotherapists;
– ambulance transport service: within the scope of coverage, it can be safely transported from a medical point of view, and if necessary, return the insured person to a Canadian hospital for treatment;
– Return fee for accompanying staff/traveling companions: When you are hospitalized within the insured area, if necessary, return the person to Canada, or send a family member or friend to accompany you;
– Reinstatement after identity fraud: assistance with lost or stolen travel documents;
– Pet return: When you are hospitalized within the insured area, your pets are shipped back to Canada if necessary;
– return of the body;
– When you are hospitalized within the insured area, if necessary, the insured’s car or boat is returned to Canada, and so on.
Easy Claims Procedure:
1. After the medical situation, if you are not in hospital, remember to consult your doctor for a copy. 1.Medical Report, 2. Keep the receipt, 3. Fill in the claim form, and then submit the materials to the insurance company for settlement. You can receive a claim check in general 2-4 weeks.
2. If you need to be hospitalized, please contact the insurance company after handling the emergency.