Royal Travel Insurance- Deluxe Plan


All of the following restrictions apply:

1. You must not have a Medical Condition for which a Physician has advised You against travel before Your Period of Coverage.

2. You must be over 14 days old and under 85 years of age on the Start Date.

3. You must not be eligible for benefits under any Canadian federal, provincial or territorial government health insurance plan.

4. Prior to Your Period of Coverage:

– You have not been diagnosed with a Terminal Sickness;

– You have never been diagnosed with or received Treatment for:

i) congestive heart failure;

ii) Alzheimer’s or any type of dementia;

iii) pancreatic or liver cancer, or any type of metastasized cancer; or

iv) a condition requiring a bone marrow or organ transplant.

– You do not reside in a nursing home, assisted living home, convalescent home, hospice or rehabilitation centre;

– You do not require any assistance with Normal Daily Activities. This does not apply to children under 12 years of age.

5. In the 12 months immediately prior to Your Period of Coverage, You have not been diagnosed with or received Treatment for:

– a lung condition requiring the use of home oxygen;

– a kidney condition requiring dialysis.

6. At time of purchase of this Policy, You are not aware of needing any medical Treatment during Your Period of Coverage.


Emergency Medical Expenses: Physician’s orders or prescriptions as Medically Necessary for the diagnosis or Treatment of Your Emergency Sickness or Injury

Emergency Return Home: Transporting back to Your Home Country for continued Treatment

Emergency Dental: a licensed dentist or dental surgeon orders the following:

a) Treatment or repair of natural or permanently attached artificial teeth which become damaged due to Accidental Injury to the head or mouth up to a maximum of $3,000 for any one Injury;

b) Treatment to relieve acute pain and suffering not related to an Accidental Injury up to a maximum of $300.


a) for the preparation and repatriation of Your body or ashes to Your Home Country up to $12,000;or

b) for the cremation or burial at the place of death up to $5,000

Emergency Paramedical Services: $500 per category of practitioner

Accidental Death & Dismenberment: Up to plan limit chosen to a maximum of $100,000.00

Maximum Duration: 18 Months


If You experience an emergency or require medical assistance while You are travelling at any time call:

USA & Canada: 1-800-334-7787

Elsewhere Operator Assisted Collect: 905-667-0587