How to Claim


Travel Insurance Claims
Come to Canada to buy a travel medical insurance, the most important thing is to be able to claim in the event of an accident or illness. Every insurance company’s products are only different in price, and there are some small differences in claims. However, the guarantees and regulations are basically the same, and the claim processing materials and claims procedures are almost the same. How to use your insurance correctly, make sure your claims are quick and worry-free.
What is travel insurance? In short, travel insurance is a hospital in the event of illness or injury. All medical expenses, whether it is to a family doctor, community clinic, or hospital emergency, are covered and can be reimbursed. All medical related expenses.

Travel insurance claims process
All travel insurance companies can be divided into claims for inpatient and non-hospital situations. When you need to seek medical treatment, you can contact the insurance company selectively. You can deal with it first, then contact the insurance company. Of course, when you need help. You can also contact the insurance company directly or the insurance broker at the time of purchase.
Non-hospital claims process
Before you see a doctor, you can call the insurance company to explain the condition. The insurance company will provide a Claim Number after the record is recorded. Three documents are required to submit claims: Medical Records, original receipts, and claims forms. Medical reports need to be photocopied on the day of the visit. The original receipt will be received after payment for medical treatment (possibly the hospital will mail directly to the home), claim settlement The form will be sent with the policy when you purchase the insurance. You only need to submit the above three documents and mail it to the insurance company. You can receive your claim within four weeks or so.
Hospital claims process
In the case of hospitalization, after you have finished the emergency, you need to call the insurance company to tell you the current situation and hospital information. The insurance company will contact the hospital for payment. You only need to make a coordination in the middle. Pay any fees, mail the original receipt and fill out the claim form to the insurance company.

Travel insurance claim judgment
The claim process is simple, but whether the claim can be successfully approved depends on the following two situations:
A. Claims for medical treatment for accidents:
Claims for accidents are almost 100% insured. There will be no grounds for refusal. Whether it is a fall, a bruise, a cut, an animal bite, etc., it can be fully insured if requested by a doctor. , CT, B-ultrasound, MRI or electrocardiogram, etc., you need to contact the insurance company first. Except in the following cases:
1. High-risk sports accidents are not guaranteed (diving, bungee jumping, parachuting, etc.)
2. Stunt performance accidents are not guaranteed (motorcycle stunts)
B. Illness treatment decision:
The claims for illness can be almost fully reimbursed, whether it is a cold, a fever, or a relapse of an old disease. If the doctor asks, CT, B-ultrasound, MRI or electrocardiogram, etc., you need to contact the insurance company first.

If the insured person has some old and chronic diseases, if the old disease recurs, as long as the old disease meets the following, you can get 100% claim:
1. Old and chronic diseases cannot be treated and inspected within 120-180 days before the policy takes effect (insurance companies are different, the number of days is different)
2. If old and chronic diseases require daily medication to maintain stability, the amount of medication cannot be increased or changed (doctors are required to reduce the dose)
3. Within 120-180 days before the policy takes effect, there should be no symptoms associated with the old disease.