Critical illness


Major illness insurance refers to the insured person. Once he has been diagnosed with any disease within the scope of the insurance, he can immediately obtain compensation for the amount specified in the policy. The insured can freely use the compensation and use it for any purpose. Insurance compensation is tax-free. If you are seriously ill after compensation, you will not be required to refund the compensation.

The incidence of major diseases such as cancer in Canada is getting higher and higher. With the development of medical standards, the self-healing rate of serious diseases is also rising, and the claim rate for critical illness insurance is also rising. Insurance companies have adjusted the premium rates for critical illness insurance, and some companies have also adjusted the definition of insured diseases.

In the event of serious illness, the government’s medical and health protection provides basic protection only for medical expenses and hospitalization expenses. Serious illness may lead to loss or reduction of family income, and serious illness may also lead to increased household expenses, such as new drug costs, Chinese medicine costs, prescription drug fees, and medical specialist treatment costs outside of Canada, which may cause family and personal economics. Seriously difficult. So many families buy critical illness insurance (also known as major illness insurance, major illness insurance or critical illness insurance)