Berkley-JF Elite Plus EN

Insurance qualification

  • International students, as well as their parents, spouses or children (family plan)
  • Age below 69

Summary of program characteristics

  • The maximum annual compensation for each person is 5 million
  • The stable old disease within 90 days before the policy takes effect can be insured
  • Eligible medical expenses, such as hospitalization fees, medical treatment fees, X-ray machine testing fees, licensed medical surgeons and anesthesiologists.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Services: The maximum amount of compensation is 25,000, including prenatal care, termination of pregnancy or complications during pregnancy.
  • Vaccination and tuberculosis testing
  • Psychotherapy
  • Dental expenses: The maximum damage to the natural tooth caused by the accident is 4000, and the maximum pain compensation is 600.
  • Maximum compensation for accidental death and disability 100,000


  • $1.60 per day


In case of emergency, please call Ontime Care Worldwide 1-866-209-5804 or contact us to assist with claims Click here to download the following insurance terms and instructions if needed

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